- Stay strong, hope it will pass

- Stay strong, hope it will pass
Sweden is on fast track towards becoming a lawless country. Stockholm has a record number of killings under investigation, Malmö police cry for help, but there are no more murder investigators available throughout Sweden. The police lack resources and solve fewer cases. The gang crime grows and grows. They shoot to kill, right in the city center, in broad daylight. The development is extremely serious.

"Society must take back the law of the land from the gangs of criminals, today's policy is damaging to the confidence in the rule of law. One is constantly behind. The rule of law is losing ground while the criminals' power grows. A national mobilization is needed to reverse the trend," writes Anna Dahlberg in Expressen.

But there are no more policemen to put into these troubled areas. They have either left the police force in protest or they are extremely busy elsewhere in Sweden, where crime is exploding too.

So, is Sweden approaching a decision to enter into a state of emergency, where the military is deployed to try to maintain a state of calm and order? It has happened in Italy and France in recent times, but in peaceful Scandinavia? In Sweden? It sounds crazy, but we live in crazy times, where the butterfly-lovers didn't think the headless immigration from the world's conflict areas would have these serious consequences.

However, it is not certain that the desired effect would come out of deploying the Army - which would had to be deployed, as it has been reduced to an all-time low after the Cold War, with numbers so few that they could risk being outnumbered and actually losing if things went bad. Because in Sweden, the criminals have guns too, and grenades and stuff. For years illegal weapons have been smuggled into Sweden, and there is absolutely no one who knows how many, so in fact the criminals could be better armed, manned and equipped for urban warfare in Sweden than the actual Swedish army, which also is not a member of NATO.

The seriousness of the situation seems to have a growing number of prominent people to come forward about current events. The Swedish silence is fast cracking up.

State Attorney Thomas Ahlstrand in Gothenburg is one of a growing number of deeply concerned people who have decided to come forward, and he doesn't hold back. In an interview with GP he says:

"Two special traits make the modern gang crime different than the one we know. The gangs do not care about us and our values. And the brutality. We are at loss, and can only hope that this goes over with time."

"We are powerless. They shoot anyone they experience as competitors, or those they feel have insulted them, they blow them up, and they do not care if they kill others instead. And we do not understand them and we can not handle them."

"We are powerless, we can not handle them," that is the sound of the Swedish State giving up.

Ahlstrand concludes:

"So what to do? We can lock them up, long and longer, for all offences related to guns and shootings. We can change the focus from the suspect's good living, to the victims and to society. We can not assume that the gang of criminals want well deep inside. But we can try to catch young men and women early, and involve them in the community. But the risk is great that we can only stay strong, hoping it will pass."

Because a crackdown on criminals would likely result in widespread riots, like we saw in Husby outside Stockholm in 2013. That is if they had the police resources, which they don't, and military deployment could trigger the civil war that looks more and more inevitable in Sweden, and probably bound to happen sooner or later.

Until then, lock the door, stay strong, hope it will pass - which it won't.

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