- My daughter is beaten daily. With fists

- My daughter is beaten daily. With fists
SWEDEN -- Their 6-year-olds are abused, beaten, threatened and sexually harassed at school. Classes are cancelled - both as punishment and because the children's safety cannot be guaranteed, reveals a tape recording. Now several children flee the school.

Fights are filmed while pupils are cheering. Racist and homophobic comments come from students. Chaos in classes. When the Schools Inspectorate visited the school, it was so seriously flawed that the Schools Inspectorate is now threatening with a six figure fine, reports the regional newspaper Sydsvenskan.

Also the Augustenborg school is threatened with a huge fine for "serious shortcomings."

When the Schools Inspectorate visited the school, they were met by the chaos, abuse and lack of teaching.

The Schools Inspectorate has launched a comprehensive audit of Malmö's schools. Scores of schools are to be visited, while a dozen have already completed the audit.

Now around twenty parents sound the alarm about the situation at the Johannes School. Their children attend preschool and are thus only six years old. All tell the same thing. Their children are abused and sexually harassed by other students. There is chaos and mess - both in class and during breaks.

- My daughter is beaten daily. With fists, says Arber Baqaj.

- We are afraid for our children's safety. There are daily fights, says Sebastian Nasser.

He shows photos of his son, where it is clearly visible that the 6-year-old has been beaten.

- He was beaten twice in a day. My son did not dare tell the teacher because the other boys threatened to kill him. My son wakes up at night screaming, says Sebastian Nasser.

Now he has arranged for his mother to move back home from abroad.

- She'll take care of my son when school ends. So that he will not have to stay at the school, says Nasser.

In a tape recording that Sydsvenskan has listened to, a teacher at the school says:

- I did not feel safe when going to the gym with all the kids.

- We had booked a substitute that would help the teacher, but the substitute did not show.

During the same meeting, another teacher says:

- I understand your concerns fully. I lie sleepless and think about what we can do about this. But even if we were five teachers in the classroom, it would still happen.

Nadja Kvist has two children at the school. She says that boys have beaten her daughter and pulled down her pants and panties.

- She does not want to go to the Johannes School anymore. I've talked to the headmaster of a school in Löberöd. There is room immediately, so she'll start there. But it means my mother must take her to school five days a week, says Nadja Kvist.

Patrik Olsson has already moved his children from the Johannes School.

- It feels like the staff have given up. Our children are unhappy. When you're six years old, you should not have that feeling. Today, he goes to Västra school and thrives. It is frightening that there can be this much difference in the schools of Malmö, he says.

Another dad, who wish to remain anonymous to protect her daughter, says she has been beaten at the school for several years.

- Boys threaten that they will rape her. They say that their dads are coming to f**k her. Call her a whore. Asking what religion she has, he says.


- They do not believe she is sufficiently Muslim.

You are Muslims?

- Yes. And this happens in front of the teachers. Nobody puts a stop to it, he says.

Maria Berben Lidén is the principal at the school. She does not share the parents' image of the school.

- Definitely not. But there are conflicts. Especially in the lower age groups. There, we work systematically, she says.

Are the parents exaggerating?

- I have not talked with them, so I can not answer. It's all about that the children are their own little jewels and obviously they want the best for them. What I've heard is that there is a mentality of some parents to encourage children to fight back. Then it becomes very difficult for us to work with this, says Maria Berben Lidén.

One parent says that his daughter is threatened with rape by boys at the school, who think she is not sufficiently Muslim. Is it a problem at the school?

- I have not heard about it. We ask the children and parents to contact teachers if there are problems. The staff should handle conflicts. Obviously, I also tell students if I see anything happening.

Do you need more staff?

- Having enough personnel is a matter of definition. To have five teachers in a class can create great anxiety among the students, then they do not know who is in charge. It is not so easy that it is just to put in more staff.

Do you think it's worse at the Johannes School compared to other Malmö schools?

- If I listen to colleagues at other schools, so no, not really. I want, just as the parents, that the children should feel as good as possible. Therefore, it becomes a little sad when parents decide to work against us instead of with us, says Maria Berben Lidén.

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