Nazi march in Stockholm results in left wing riots

Nazi march in Stockholm results in left wing riots
SWEDEN -- On rare occasions mainstream media have to report news that is impossible to spin, twist or exploit to their agenda. Instead reality comes forward in such sharp contrasts that it is impossible to cover up.

On Saturday, November 12 such a rare anomaly arose.

Then the Norwegian broadcaster TV2 had traveled to Sweden to cover a genuine neo-nazi march, and landed in the middle of violent riots in central Stockholm.

The assignment was to prove what is the greatest threat to the West today: No, not thousands of Muslims kneeling in western cities. Neither the naive progressive elite in collaboration with human traffickers. No, right wing extremists. Real neo-Nazis! Crazy people who are claimed to be found behind every bush but are always extremely difficult to find in larger groups than 14-15, in a pitiful selection of people on a deserted square somewhere.

But this was more like it! An entire 500 real neo-Nazis from across the Nordic region would certainly do the trick. Finally the "great danger" would be proven to all viewers. Bring out the champagne! Pop the popcorn!

But then everything went to shit.

For the reality was so bad that it made the sacred task impossible for the press: The 500 "highly dangerous" extreme right wing neo-nazis - and yes they really are neo-nazis - namely behaved like normal people and followed all democratic rules. They were calm, unruffled and showed normal manners. And then the shit turned even shittier for the reporter and the broadcaster.

Because Stockholm police had created a barrier between the 500 right extremists and the 5000 "anti-racists" on the other side of the park, and facts were impossible to spin: They were neither calm, showed any composure, rules or manners. On the contrary, there were violent riots by "liberals" throwing eggs, stones, firecrackers and flares - at the police! (as if they were the enemy?). The extreme right was in fact out of reach for the extreme left thugs - and then they went on a violent rampage against the police instead. Many were arrested.

The tragedy for the media was that the incident was so fierce that it could not be overlooked, which is usually the norm. The willingness on the left to use violence was so huge that it had to be reported. Meanwhile, one could not twist the reality that the 500 extreme right wing guys were not the problem in Stockholm this evening. The reality was merciless against the left wing propaganda media. All the viewers saw who were the real danger: Left wing extremists aka "anti-racists". They were out of control, aggressive, relentless and resolved to violence, and worst of all: They were ten times as many. They were damn scary. They could certainly kill if they were not contained. Would we have seen the first Nordic lynching since WW2? Very possible.

Sure, 500 neo-Nazis marching is also troubling, as they stands for Nazism, but 500 throughout Scandinavia is actually not that many, and compared to the violent maniacs on the far left, who gather thousands who represent a much larger danger, media had no other choice than to report the truth for a change.

But no wonder why the incident was so underreported, and why it disappeared so quickly from the headlines where it was reported.

And now you will have to wait for the next opportunity for the mainstream media to prove that neo-Nazis are the real danger to our society, and not any other groups, including the far left and Islamist groups, who they rather not touch.

Because people have the memory of a goldfish, remember?

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