Ticket check at airports fails, says 'James Bond'

Ticket check at airports fails, says 'James Bond'
NO CONTROL - NO REACTION: A TV2 reporter flew from Oslo to Copenhagen as James Bond.

How good is the ticket check at airports? We've tested, writes the Norwegian broadcaster TV2.

You have heard it many times:

"My name is Bond. James Bond."

Most men, including myself, have at one time or another dreamed of being the agent of all agents.

Last week it happened. I WAS James Bond! For real! At least for a little while, writes the reporter.

Let me explain:

I have noticed lately that you really do not have much to do with security guards anymore when flying. Everything is based on barcodes. One book a ticket online, you get a reference code in order to receive the ticket and use the barcode of your boarding card. First through security, and then at the gate, until one sits in the seat aboard the plane.

Throughout the process, not a single person checked whether I actually was the same person as the name on the ticket said.

When I and photographer Tom Rune Orset would fly to Stockholm last week, we switched tickets. Would anyone notice if I traveled as him, and he traveled as me?

The first challenge was security.

No problem. The barcode on the ticket I had in hand, with Tom Runes name, opened it and I could enter. Same at the gate. The barcode was scanned, and thus access to the aircraft granted. 50 minutes later we were in Stockholm.

Tickets between passengers can be mixed up of course, but what if we book a ticket under a name that exists only on film?

Bond. James Bond.

With a feeling of excitement we booked a ticket to Copenhagen in the name of the agent we currently identify ourselves with for a while. First name: James. Surname: Bond.

Mr James Bond, it says on the electronic ticket I receive on my phone shortly after.

Will the barcode go through security now? Someone seriously should react to that James Bond is going on a plane in Norway.

"Biip" it said and the gate opened when I held the mobile phone to the scanner. Okay, the security check was no problem. But what about the gate? There are representatives of the airline there in addition to the scanners. Will they check the ticket?

No. They do not.

The same thing happens, a "Biip" at the gate later, and Mr James Bond is on a plane to Copenhagen. It is tempting to order a Dry Martini. Shaken, not stirred...

But are we at work, so we better not.

To Nice as "Vidar Triggerhappy"

50 minutes later we arrived in Denmark. No check there either.

Okay. Where can we go from here? There is a flight to Nice in France in about an hour and twenty minutes from now. What if we book two tickets in nonsense names.

Vidar Triggerhappy and Dange Rous it says on our tickets this time. But even now there is no control, and we fly to Nice.

The two reporters say to TV2 that they have flown from Norway to France, via Denmark, without showing the passport or any kind of ID a single time.

Do you feel safe yet?

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