German parents fined for refusing son trip to mosque

German parents fined for refusing son trip to mosque
It was in June that pupils from a seventh grade class from Rendsburg in northern Germany were on a trip to a nearby mosque.

The visit to the mosque was part of the school's geography teaching, it is claimed.

But one 13-year-old boy was not allowed to go, said an e-mail to the teacher from the boy's father, who according to the family's lawyer, Alexander Heumann, indicated that it was due to ideological reasons, reports the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

He got the advice from the school that he should report the boy ill that day, which the father refused. But, says the lawyer, to be sure that his son was not forced to go to the mosque, he let the 13-year-old stay home that day.

Then the parents were informed that they had prevented the boy of attending class, and that it would cost them 150 euros each.

The parents explained in a letter that it was difficult to understand how the visit to the mosque could be part of the geography teaching when in their opinion more likely belongs to religious teaching.

In addition, they were concerned for their son's "life and limbs" if he went to the mosque, since there have been numerous reports of religiously motivated violence in in the area. Particularly in recent times.

"Why should we as parents expose our child to such a risk? Why should we send our child to people who despise us so-called infidels," it said.

But little did it help, and as the parents now refuse to pay the fines, they have hired Alexander Heumann as their lawyer. Heumann is, according to the television channel NDR, know from the heavily Islam-critical organization Pax Europa. Heumann is also a former member of the Immigration skeptical party Alternative für Deutschland (AFD) and has previously helped organize the Dusseldorf branch of Pegida, Dügida.

And while the school argues that the parents have violated the Education Act, which provides for compulsory schooling, the lawyer says the trip to the mosque had nothing to do with general education.

"School authorities have no problems when Muslim students are excused during Ramadan," writes the lawyer, and also mentions that Muslim youths, with reference to religion, do not want to participate in swimming lessons.

The school principal, Ms Fritzsche, however, says to NDR, that there are no exceptions for Muslim students who refuse to participate in either swimming, sexuality lessons and philosophy teaching, and who also should go along to the church at Christmas.

The public prosecutor in Itzehoe must now decide whether the matter is taken to court.

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