Why I'm Voting for Trump

Why I'm Voting for Trump
By Reneé Ucciferri.

Issues that are important to me this election, when casting my ballot are: immigration, abortion, gun rights, economic issues, TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), Iranian nuclear deal, along with many others. Donald Trump's stance on these issues mirror my own beliefs and opinions. He is a strong, successful businessman. Donald Trump has the foresight to see where our country can go and the hindsight to see where it has been taken from.

Donald Trump is against illegal immigration. He wants to triple the number of ICE (Immigration and Custom Enforcement) agents on our Southern border, build a wall to stop illegal entry into the U.S. and stop federal funding into sanctuary cities. ICE officially endorsed Donald Trump. This is the first time in the agency's history that they have ever enforced a presidential candidate. The leftists call Mr. Trump a "racist" for wanting to secure our borders, which essentially will secure America.

Donald Trump is pro-life. He plans to end late term abortion and government funded abortion programs. Government funded abortion programs are funded by taxpayer's money, regardless of their religious belief. Clinton has hinged a big portion of her campaign on "fighting for children and children's rights," but has vehemently back all forms of abortion, including proudly standing with Planned Parenthood.

The NRA (National Rifle Association) has also endorsed Donald Trump. He has unwavering support for the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Clinton has been stated at a town hall meeting that a program like Australia's gun buyback program would be "worth considering" in the United States.

Donald Trump has pledged a 4% economic growth per year. He has promised 25 million jobs to be added to the U.S. economy within one decade. North American Free Trade Agreement will be renegotiated. NAFTA promised to created 200,000 new jobs, but in reality, it lost 682,900 American jobs. Corporations can send manufacturing jobs overseas where average hourly wages are less than $1 and there are no workers' rights or environmental standards. Donald Trump supports the Keystone Pipeline which will eliminate the U.S. from having to deal with hostile countries over oil.

TPP will be repealed. TPP will protect and guarantee profits for it's multinational corporations at OUR expense. It gives corporations special rights to challenge U.S. laws or regulations that threaten the corporation's future expected profits. The challenges are heard in an overseas secret tribunal, not accountable to ANY government. The negotiations of TPP has been held behind closed doors without allowing the public to have access to it's 5,000 pages. Donald Trump said, "The Trans-Pacific Partnership is another disaster done and pushed by special interests who want to rape our country, just a continuing rape of our country. It's a harsh word, but it's true."

Under Donald Trump, the Iranian Nuclear Deal will be either eradicated or dismantled and held to much stricter guidelines. He knows that this deal, which Iran has already broken repeatedly, is a threat to the U.S. and Israel.

The U.S. credit rating in the last 8 years, has fallen to it's lowest in history. The U.S. military has had massive reductions. Racial divisions are greater then they have ever been. Terrorism is a daily event. Food stamps and government programs are higher then ever. The moral decay in America is worse than imaginable. Yes, America is a great country, but our current government is not. Under a Clinton administration, there will be no hope for conservatism or Christian views and beliefs. I do not think that Donald Trump is a perfect man, but I do think he is the only choice America has at this point.

Just my opinion,
A proud deplorable!

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