Here Johan drinks a toxic mojito - one day later he's dead

Here Johan drinks a toxic mojito - one day later he's dead
Here Johan Lundin, 28, smiles at the camera on the paradise island of Gili Trawangan.

In his hand he holds the toxic cocktail that will soon take his life.

John died at a horse carriage on the way to the hospital.

- Paradise became hell, says fiancee Michaela.

Gili Trawangan at the Indonesian southeast is described in guidebooks as a paradise island, with white sand beaches, turquoise seas and stunning views of the nearby islands of Lombok and Bali.

There John and Michaela went after visiting good friends in Jakarta.

In a well-known bar - mentioned by the popular travel guide "Lonely Planet" - he drank one of their famous mojito cocktails.

At night, on June 26, Johan began to feel sick. The day after he vomited and became increasingly worse, says Michaela:

- "I have never felt so bad," he said.
A few hours later, he said he could not see properly.

Did not understand the seriousness

At about one o'clock at night on June 27, Michaela realized that it was serious. Then everything went very fast, she says.

- In the midst of all the horror I ran around on the empty streets, trying to get help. I did not want to leave him but I had to, she says, while her voice is breaking.

The locals did not understand the seriousness of Michaela's desperate attempts to get help about Johan's unconscious, says Michaela.

On a horse carriage across the island, she tried to save John's life with CPR.

- It was already too late. When we got to the clinic they tried to revive him. I held his hand and I felt the it was cold.

- You do not want to see someone you love die in front of you. It is the worst thing that can happen, says Michaela.

It's a crime

Around the kitchen table in John's parents' home in western Sweden there are three women who have lost a loved one.

Monica has lost her son, Anna her little brother, and Michaela the man she would marry next summer.

- It's so damn important that this comes out. It is a crime - he has been murdered, says Anna.

She is angry and desperate.

Monica presses her hand against her chest, as if to relieve the hurts inside.

- We do not know if it's ignorance that makes them use methanol instead of ethanol, or if it's just about money, says Monica.

The autopsy report states that methanol was found in Johan's body. Very high levels.

But no other drugs or toxins.

Can not end up like this

John is not the only one who has died of methanol poisoning in southeastern Indonesia. Local media have reported at least 50 deaths this year alone.

It does not take much to get sick. A centiliter can cause eye injuries, and one decilitre leads to death.

Johan's family wants the information known. They want to warn others.

- Had John and Michaela known this it would never had happened. He should not have had to die for nothing. It can not end like this, says Anna.

There are approximately 1,500 locals living on the island, not including ex-pats and local workers who come in each day from Lombok. Most of the locals are muslims and the rest are made up of hindus and christians. There are three mosques on the island, the newest one being on the beach road north of the harbor. There are no temples or interesting cultural sites on any of the Gili islands, according to Trip Advisor.

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