Swedish embassies ordered to combat 'negative image'

Swedish embassies ordered to combat 'negative image'
The international media describe Sweden as an increasingly lawless country that is characterized by "no-go zones" and rapes. Now the Swedish embassies worldwide are instructed to prevent having this "false image" of the country spread, writes Dagens Nyheter.

In a guidance folder the Foreign Ministry has sent to embassies, it describes how to behave in order to "combat disinformation and propaganda" of Sweden.

According to DN, the material is underlined that "misinformation undermines confidence in the state" and that, "when directed against Sweden, it can damage the image of our country."

"Examples of misinformation can be 'Sweden-bashing' which is used to strengthen the operator's or the misinformer's own, often domestic political agenda," writes the Foreign Ministry.

"Often the right-wing digital newspapers have anonymous owners and authors, with a common feature that they often have a contempt for the established media and journalistic ethics."

There are also more specific instructions on how to fight for the image of Sweden.

"If you decide to defend the case on Twitter, remember to keep the posts as brief and factual as possible. Be content with answering once and avoid going into long threads on Twitter."

Although Speisa and many other so-called right-wing media have warned about the situation and the escalation of the situation in Sweden for years, the issue of the increasingly negative description of Sweden was first raised in February, when the large British newspaper the Daily Mail wrote several articles on how adult men from the Third World systematically are treated as "unaccompanied refugee children" in Sweden.

In a partially classified report from the Swedish Embassy in London, Ulrika Funered then wrote that the Daily Mail "has launched a campaign against Swedish migration policy".

"Daily Mail highlights Sweden as naive and a negative example of the consequences a liberal migration policy can provide," it says in the report, which also was sent to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's State Secretary, Hans Dahlgren.

According to the report, the embassy then also started a campaign to combat the negative image of the Swedish multiculturalism many wrote about, including the Daily Mail.

The established mainstream media in Sweden have for long tried to hide how bad the situation really is in many places in the country, and those websites who actually tell the truth are often placed on lists over sites that are either satirical, blatant liers and full of sh*t, or the webmasters hide their identity, which is for a VERY good reason in Sweden, as the mainstream media knock on doors to bully them if known.

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