- If you let me go I'll gladly throw the citizenship in the trash

- If you let me go I'll gladly throw the citizenship in the trash
"If you let me go I'll gladly go, and I'll throw the citizenship in the trash."

Mohyeldeen Mohammad (30) has been known to the public after he in 2010 spoke of "a Sept. 11 on Norwegian soil."

Recently, he was pulled in for questioning by the Police Security Service (PST) after he sent threatening text messages to a parliament member for the Liberal Party, Abid Raja.

With a family background from Iraq, Mohammad was born in Manchester, England in 1986. His family migrated to Norway in 1989, and Mohammad settled with his family in Larvik.

In a longer interview with Morgenbladet, he says that he would prefer to leave Norway for good.

- I saw that Raja made false allegations, including that I love being in Norway. It is not true. I hate Norway.

When asked why, he replies:

- The Norwegian government is unjust. We do not have the same rights as the rest of the population. Although I have not done anything criminal, I'm not allowed to travel.

He says he is constantly being sent back to Norway. In August, he tried to go to Turkey, but was sent back because Norwegian authorities had asked them to send him home because he is a "threat to international security."

- If you let me go I'll gladly go, and I'll throw the citizenship in the trash, he says.

Mohammad has previously distinguished himself as a prominent figure on the Islamist scene in Norway, and has repeatedly been in the spotlight of the PST. He has been linked to the radical group the Prophet's Ummah, but he denies in the interview that he is a member of the group. He says, however, that he supports the group's interpretation of Islam.

- They at least promote Muslim issues better than the so-called spokesmen and the vegetable sellers of some imams we have in Norway, he says to Morgenbladet.

In 2012 Mohammad traveled to Syria, where he posted pictures of himself with weapons on Facebook. In recent years, however, he has kept a low profile until he sent the text messages to Raja recently. Where he wrote:

"You dirty swine, may Allah burn you in Jahannum, your uneducated Murtad kafir dog! You are a disgrace to Pakis and Muslims, do not call yourself a Muslim, for Wallahi you have NOTHING to do with Islam, dirty traitor !!!"

Despite having fought for ISIS, despite being regarded as too dangerous to travel abroad, Mohyeldeen Mohammad is still a free man (with)in Norway. In other words, it's too dangerous (for the Syrians) to send him to Syria (to rejoin ISIS), which he wants, and that must make the Norwegians feel extremely safe.

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