Bosnia to join the EU

Bosnia to join the EU
The politicians in the EU seem increasingly out of touch with the opinion of the European population, and practically run the show like the continent is owned by them - endangering it.

Bosnian leaders received a boost to their EU aspirations last week, after they were given the go-ahead to begin talks to sign up to membership of the union, reports the Express.

But Balkans expert Jasmin Mujanovic says the announcement is suspicious, as he believes the crumbling bloc has timed it in a bid to weaken nationalist forces in the country.

Bosnia first submitted their application membership to the bloc in February, with prime minister Denis Zvizdic announcing he was determined to join the EU because "nowhere on this planet people live better."

On Tuesday, leaders came together to celebrate its acceptance after Brussels said it would begin specific “chapters” to start negotiations - meaning the Balkan state will follow in the footsteps of Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro who are "candidate” countries.

Experts claim there has been little progress towards serious reforms in the country, which was the scene of the most prolific war since the Nazi era that was caused by nationalist separatism following the break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Now there are fears tension could erupt again, after the Bosnian Serb president revealed he had won a banned referendum over a disputed national holiday.

Most of the region's Muslim Bosnians and Catholic Croatians oppose the holiday, which coincides with a Serbian Orthodox Christian festival and also marks the Serb territory's 1992 secession from Bosnia - which triggered a bloody three-year war in which 100,000 were killed.

Serbs consider the attack on a Serb wedding procession in downtown Sarajevo on 1 March 1992 to be the catalyst for the war. Nikola Gardović, the groom's father, was the only person killed. The attacker was reportedly Ramiz Delalić, a Bosniak small-time gangster, and it is alleged that the attack was provoked when the wedding guests brandished Serbian flags as the wedding procession moved through the old Muslim neighbourhood of Baščaršija.

Now many in the region fear that the Serb Republic could be preparing to secede, bringing the future of Bosnia as a whole into doubt.

Mr Mujanovic claims the EU’s acceptance of Bosnia “is an indication that the EU is very concerned about the threat of the referendum and generally deteriorating situation in the country, and they want to use this moment to weaken some of these nationalist forces”.

Inela Hadzic added: “Bosnia and Herzegovina has become a security issue, which was the greatest fear of all of us here in Bosnia.”

50.7% of the Bosnian 3,5 million population identify religiously as Muslim, and the country is home of actual ISIS training camps.

But that is obviously not a problem to get into the EU and grant access to the rest of.

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