SIAD: Danish border control is a joke

SIAD: Danish border control is a joke
Cars that disappeared at high speed and a marked path were among the night's observations as SIAD patrolled along the border Saturday night.

The Danish Islam critical group SIAD is expressing strong criticism of the border control after members started patrolling the border themselves Sunday night.

Stop Islamisation of Denmark was formed in 2005 and calls itself Denmark's most active resistance. The group's goal is to become a political party in Denmark.

SIAD wants Muslims who do not respect the Danish customs and traditions to leave the country.

- I did not participate in the patrol myself, which took place from at 22.00 to six o'clock Sunday morning, but the ones we had on the border met a man on foot who said he had driven a car over the border for a friend. He was not a Dane, but spoke fluent Danish. They also found a marked path, says Anders Gravers, leader of SIAD.

He also talks about cars that disappeared at high speed when they discovered SIAD's parked cars.

- But the most shocking was that the police were not present. Our group went across the border several times without being stopped, says Anders Gravers.

In advance, the group had agreed on how they would react if did encounter any illegal migrants on the way to Denmark during the patrol.

"We will ask them to stand still, and then call the police," says Anders Gravers to Berlingske, and elaborates:

"If they oppose, we are entitled to hold them until the police come. It will be a civilian arrest. "

What do you mean hold them?

"That we will hold them until the police arrive."

Does that mean you will use violence to hold them?

"No, it's not violence. It is a civilian arrest, and we are in our right. "

- We sent media a press release about our impending action:

SIAD is very dissatisfied with the lax border controls when terrorist bombs are exploding around Europe. What kind of a government is so indifferent to its people that they do not have border controls, not just in Padborg and Kruså but across the whole border stretch?

German authorities say there are over 1,100 ISIS sympathizers in Germany, how much damage could just 10 of them do in Denmark, as unregistered can go directly into Denmark and carry out their terrorist acts?

What good is it that you have an incredibly effective control of people at airports in Denmark, where people must wait up to 1½ hours due to checks, when you can drive to the Balkans and get the car filled up with weapons or rocket launchers and then drive up to Denmark to the nearest airport and shoot an arrival or departure down?"

- It's just in Kruså and Padborg controls are ongoing, and it's just directed at cars. If you move just 25 meter away from the police border shed, you can go back and forth, which people from SIADs border patrol did several times without being stopped and asked, he says to the Danish newspaper JydskeVestkysten.

- Moving further into the terrain our borders are wide open, which our members proved too.

The group walked along the border and saw flashes from from flashlights on the German side. At the same place it was found on the German side, a path clearly trodden down, branches and bushes were broken. When they followed the path they could see that it was marked with disposable handkerchiefs that were laid out in appropriate distances not to get lost. A clearly marked route that refugees can follow, writes SIAD's website, and promises more patrols:

This was the first patrol of many. Now there is evidence that a massive traffic happens outside of the controlled places.

Duty officer at the South Jutland Police, Søren Strægaard, does not want to comment on SIAD's general criticism of the border controls, but says that reports show that the police conducted the usual patrols in the area the night between Saturday and Sunday.

- It even appears in the daily report that a patrol has detained and talked to people at the border in that period.

The police obviously did not meet SIAD because the stretch is long and unprotected, and they also had no knowledge of the organization's action before JydskeVestkysten contacted them in the matter.

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