Strange Creature Found in Thailand

Strange Creature Found in Thailand
You must have heard stories about strange creatures being found in far off but you may never have ever been lucky or unlucky enough to see such strange creatures with your own eyes or in credible photographs. But this time, you are lucky enough to have photographs of a very strange creature that has been found by the locals in Thailand. The mystery about the creature is it is the only one of its kind and apparently no scientific proof of the existence of such creatures is ever found anywhere else. It also looks that the creature hasn't been taken into exclusive custody by experts and scientists that is why no real final word has come from any credible source so far.

Despite the fact no authorities have made any credible official statement about the creature, it is very much out there in the midst of the locals who appeared to stand around it as if its worshippers. The proof of the existence of this strange creature is the photographs which are no laboratory trick or illusion.

The creature has been found in Thailand, more precisely by the locals. The locals, being unaware of the scientific reasons for natural phenomena, seem to have taken it as a sign from heavens. You can rightly guessed that the locals might have already started to associate different legends with this creature and some of them might have even gone to the extent of regarding it as a manifestation of some prophecy.

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They have also put baby powder, juices, incense and a fan around the creature. These objects gave an impression of homage to this creature by the uneducated locals who seem to have gathered around it as if they have accepted it as a sign in gift from their gods. The photographs of the creature vividly show physical appearance, facial features, size, color and looks. You may also call it one of those groundbreaking discoveries which can open the new Horizons of research about evolution and the existence of life which we still don't know despite all this technological advancement in today's scientific world.

The creature is black and grayish in color and has a strange and rather ugly face. It has four legs and its paws may resemble those of donkeys and horses. In addition to such physique, the little tail as to the mystery of the physical structure of this extremely rare and unheard of creature.

You are lucky enough that you are living in this age of Internet and global village where you can see happening is on their side of the planet right in your home and the of this strange creature are a great example of the world being a global village.

If this creature had been found about 50 or 100 years ago, you might not have even heard of it and at maximum you could have just heard the stories about it after many years. But today, you can see the photographs of the creature right before your eyes on your computer screen and you are quite free to do your own research about this particular creature and many more like this one if you like to.

The locals say they have “found” the creature. Everything related to this creature may look absurd to you and some of you might find it even humorous but the fact remains that there is still life out there on our own planet which needs to be explored and discovered. Some of such creatures may be found by your local community or even by you, who knows!


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