Politician: - Hitler was Obama's predecessor

Politician: - Hitler was Obama's predecessor
A Norwegian politician claims that America can look forward to a state of emergency, leaving Obama in power.

- I see a completely different picture than others, says the City Council representative in Kristiansand, Oddfinn Pedersen, who represent the party Demokratene.

The City Council representative came with the comparison between Obama and Hitler on his Facebook page yesterday:

"The predecessor of Barack Hussein Obama. Soon the bud will turn into full bloom. Trust me," writes Pedersen over the picture of Hitler.

- It is difficult for those who do not see the whole picture to understand the comparison, says Pedersen to the local newspaper Fædrelandsvennen.

- The important thing here is that I have a personal Christian faith. I base posts upon that. I understand that people who do not have a whole full view in relation to this see it as strange. But I've studied this. I do not post it as nonsense. This is carefully thought through, says Pedersen to the newspaper.

To the newspaper Dagbladet, Pedersen says that he has not removed the picture linking Hitler to Obama, because he has put it up so that it is visible only to his Facebook friends. He stands completely and entirely for the comparison.

- It's fun to create some debate, but I have not posted it for fun. This is something I have spent a long time looking into, says Pedersen to Dagbladet.

- I see things others have not seen yet. I read things. There is an overall view that not all manage to see. Hitler was also a man of peace at first, who was joined by many, says Pedersen.

- But now Obama only has six months left as president.

- That's what everyone think. Then we'll see. It comes as no shock to me if he continues. They must create a state of emergency when they see no other solution for him to remain in power. Then it would not be as president, but as a dictator, says Pedersen.

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