The great deception: Muslim migration disguised as a refugee crisis

The great deception: Muslim migration disguised as a refugee crisis
Governments behave as if the current immigration is a kind of natural disaster that can't be stopped. The truth is the opposite: The immigration we see now is a political made disaster that can be stopped tomorrow.

It requires that the borders are closed, so that entry can only be made with a valid passport and visa. Next, that the right to seek immediate asylum at the border should be removed from the legislation. Asylum must be sought from a refugee camp or from a embassy abroad. Everything else is to encourage continued migration, and more people will drown in the Mediterranean on their way to the European countries with the best welfare services.

Each time a news reporter or a debater uses the terms "refugees" and "refugee crisis," you can be sure you are being misled by someone who either does not know what he's talking about, or even worse: who actually knows and still chooses to use the wrong term.

The press, countless politicians, experts, opinion makers and people in general talk about refugees, refugee crisis, refugee centers, etc. On rare occasions one hear and read about refugees and migrants, but almost never about just migrants.

The word refugee hides the fact that we have a permanent and massive Muslim migration to Europe, disguised as a temporary refugee crisis. The term refugees calls for our help and compassion, while migrants is a term for people who are seeking better living conditions only.

Does it make any difference? Yes! Try it yourself: migrant crisis vs refugee crisis, migrant flow vs refugee flow, migrant center vs refugee center, Welcome Migrants vs Welcome Refugees, etc. Would people stand on the barricades to help a bunch of money grabbing migrants? Would people risk being fined for illegally helping illegal - often criminal - migrants? Hardly.

So why do the press, politicians, experts and debaters continue to talk about refugees, when we hardly receive any refugees of war, but rather a myriad of migrants from various countries without war?

What lies behind this wrong use of terms by the media, politicians and so-called experts?

The answer is probably very simple. Because there are surely some real refugees among all the migrants, they are all called refugees, not to discriminate the tiny minority of actual refugees. For political correct reasons.

It's like calling a pack of wolves a pack of foxes because there is a fox among the many wolves.

So for political correct reasons we are being duped by the press, by our politicians and people who are terrified of being branded as politically incorrect, and the great deception is allowed to continue, that we are hit by a refugee crisis, when we are in fact hit by a historic Muslim migration, or rather an invasion, which could eventually end up in a siege and an Islamic takeover. Not necessarily by war, however, but by demographics alone.

And if you don't believe it could happen, then you're not paying attention. Just look at the English capital London, where ethnic non-Muslim Brits became a minority a few years ago and the mayor of London now is a Muslim.

In addition to the aspect of being naive and political correct, the EU has for years accepted immigration for fear of falling birth rates in Europe, and rather than focusing on the circumstances and reasons for why the birth rates are dropping, it has focused on immigration, which comes mainly from the Middle East, including Turkey.

To save Europe, the EU is not the solution but the destruction, and it should be dissolved, which hopefully the Brits will initiate this month with the Brexit. It would surely be a great first step to dismantle the worst thing that has happened to Europe since WWII.

Lastly, even if all the migrants were refugees from war-torn Syria, is it such a splendid idea to mass-import people who started a bloody war in their own country against their own Muslim president?

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