Policeman: The summer in Gothenburg will be chaotic

Policeman: The summer in Gothenburg will be chaotic
The Swedish policeman, Peter Larsson, believes Gothenburg is boiling due to serious crimes, and expects this summer to be hot and chaotic.

Peter Larsson is patrolling the streets in the center of Gothenburg and feels powerless.

Last winter the policeman came forward in Swedish media and told about the problems with criminal Moroccan youths rampaging through the city center.

- Now it has been quiet for a while because many have resided in orphanages, but they will probably come out soon, says Larsson, who predicts a chaotic summer in Gothenburg.

Larsson believes the work solving daily crimes suffers. 24 unsolved gang murders, shootings, aggravated assaults and maltreatment takes up much of the resources of the Gothenburg police.

- Countering petty crime suffers under a constant high pressure of severe crime in Gothenburg. Petty crimes are hardly investigated. These include burglaries and thefts of all kinds, says Larsson.

He describes the situation in Gothenburg as a pressure cooker and tells about a mood of frustration and resignation within the police.

- We see that the pressed situation has repercussions for other victims of crime.

In the winter, a wave of Moroccan street kids came to Gothenburg while a large number of refugees reached Sweden.

- Recently it has calmed somewhat, but before that it was a problem for 4-5 months. This group is almost immune to punishment and do not give a damn if they are apprehended. Sweden is extremely naive, and youngsters have a wrong age approved when they arrive so that they can not be punished, says Larsson, to the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten.

Drug sales, public nuisance, fights, shoplifting and robberies are regular events.

- We have also seen harassment of young girls, says Larsson.

Ander Börjesson, police area manager, confirms the problem to Swedish Television.

- It's about young men standing outside society, he says.

It was scheduled to be diplomatic agreements with Morocco and deportations, but nothing happened, according to the policeman.

- When we arrest them, they escape punishment. Society does not mark what's relevant laws and regulations. This is almost laughable. Sweden is not supposed to be responsible for Moroccan criminals. They're here just to commit crimes, not to seek asylum, since they abhor contact with authorities.

These groups often come from elsewhere in Europe having arrived by boat to Spain.

What Larsson fears the most for the future is battles between far-left and far-right groups.

He outlines a picture where these extreme groups are confirming each other's existence.

- We see that new subcultural groups occurs, and it is frightening, says Larsson.

In other words, a possible scenario for civil unrest and the start of a civil war.

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