'Refugees Welcome' - all talk, no action

'Refugees Welcome' - all talk, no action
It is very difficult to obtain foster care for unaccompanied refugee children who come to Norway, writes the national broadcaster NRK.

- The challenge is to get foster care. These are youths who are 12-13 years and waiting for family-based initiatives, says Astrid Ellard, at the minors care unit for refugees in Trondheim.

The goal is to get 44 foster care places, but so far we have only managed to acquire four. The rest now lives in a care center.

- We want them to go to normal Norwegian or non-ethnic Norwegian families to have a good upbringing.

More than 240 unaccompanied minors under 15 years old have been granted residence in Norway, but almost all of those are still missing a home.

- Around Christmas, when the media attention was great, there were many who showed interest. But the interest has dropped a bit and the theme around becoming a foster family has settled, says Lise Abelvik, from the foster care agency in Bufetat in Central Norway.

She believes there are several factors that make families few. Among other things religion.

- Most minors are Muslims and we have a number of Christian families that sign up. The children say that it is important with a family to help out becoming a Norwegian, rather than what kind of religion they have. But it is important that the family respect their religion.

Also food is a problem.

- The biggest challenge is the food. But the foster families who have experienced it, say that it can be compared to an allergy. Then it is not difficult, because there are many children who are allergic to different types of food, said Abelvik.

The average age is 13.5 years (maybe) and most are Afghan boys. The wait from the decision on residence to settlement is four months and the goal is that children will use the least amount of time at a care center.

- We are dependent on families signing up and say that they can assist, says Abelvik.

So, we joined a closed 'Refugees Welcome' group on Facebook, that covers the large county of Trøndelag in Norway. The group has more than 5,300 members. We asked why is this a problem, since the members obviously must think that refugees are most welcome, and we pointed out that this is about children, well, alleged children.

So far the response has not been that great. In fact only two members have liked our questions, but not a single reply.

Conclusion: It seems to these people, refugees and migrants are welcome, unless they have to see them or be near them or help out. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Or maybe they have turned into "Islamophobes" which they accuse everyone else, who are opposed to the migration, of being.

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