- The Red Cross has become a money-making machine

- The Red Cross has become a money-making machine
The Red Cross has become a political organization which is making money on the refugee crisis, and needs to get back to its roots, claims a former worker.

I have decided to give my resignation from the Red Cross, and has posted the following on the Danish Red Cross's wall on Facebook, writes Jørgen Boesgaard, an angry Dane who has done volunteer work for the organization for years.

To Secretary General of the Red Cross, Anders Ladekarl.

I'm writing to you because I volunteer as an unpaid employee of the Red Cross Vest Lolland and can not vouch for the way the Red Cross act in the public space.

It IS NOT the job of the Red Cross, to be a political organization and put pressure on the government.

The Red Cross, according to its resolutions, is a neutral humanitarian organization that is apolitical.

Therefore, I am amazed by the degree that the Red Cross interferes in the political debate, the situation around the flow of refugees to Denmark, how and where to have them stay.

The massive immigration of refugees, who have all passed through at least 6 peaceful countries before they reached Denmark, can according to the Dublin Agreement NOT qualify as refugees and are therefore NOT eligible to stay in Denmark.

The Red Cross has several times in the past put pressure on the government and put forward views in the media, which in no way is a neutral and a non-political organization worthy.

The Red Cross has the right to its own opinions, but this MUST be kept within its own walls and NOT out in the media.

The Red Cross currently operates over 30 asylum and reception centers across Denmark.

This is NOT for free, and the Red Cross does not operate these centers because of their blue eyes.

The operation of these centers is sheer business for the Red Cross, because there are much money to earn on the refugee industry.

The operation of the asylum and reception centers is a State task and NOT the job of the Red Cross in Denmark.

It is, in my opinion, not okay that a neutral relief organization should make money on the operation of these centers. The Red Cross has for many years been a money-making machine based on volunteer work, that almost exploits good labor "for a good cause".

The Red Cross has a huge staff of volunteers who do a lot of work for FREE, because we ARE many people in Denmark who would gladly like to make an effort in the world's hotspots.

Therefore, I am amazed that the Red Cross is increasingly becoming more and more political orientret for personal gain.

I think that the Red Cross must return to its roots, stick to emergency work in the world's hotspots. The Red Cross does not help distressed Danes who are without housing.

- For there's no prestige in it.

Perhaps it is time that the Red Cross looks into the top of the organization - how the top jobs are paid for. There are guaranteed no one there who work "voluntarily and for free".

I have for many years taken part in an event to raise money for a good cause. Unfortunately, about 80% of the money we raised during the weekends "disappeared" into thin air, also called administration within the Red Cross.

Through the years there have subsequently been several cases about the Red Cross, about remuneration and salaries for the top executives, which in my opinion has equaled pure madness, since the Red Cross has over 25,000 volunteers who daily work and spend their free time for FREE for a good cause.

Therefore, I have decided to stop my voluntary work for the Red Cross Vest Lolland, as I will not support an organization that appears to be a humanitarian relief organization that should be neutral and apolitical, but basically is just a money-making machine based on volunteer labor.

Jørgen Boesgaard

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