Norway's largest Islam-critical organisation exposed to blackmail

Norway's largest Islam-critical organisation exposed to blackmail
The largest Islam-critical organisation in Norway, Stop Islamization of Norway (SIAN), has been exposed to blackmail from a former board member. The organisation has also previously been exposed to sabotage. Two years ago, a fraction called “Silkefronten” (the Silky Front) wanted to get into dialogue with Muslims, and thus let Muslims into the group on Facebook. This did not sit too well with the over 13,000 members of the group, and many left, calling it an Islamization of the Stop Islamization of Norway.

Then in the following election for a new board, this fraction lost the election. But instead of giving the chairs to the new board, they decided to simply delete the whole group, and with it all 13,000 members on Facebook, simply because they lost the election. You may think this is not a lot, but in little Norway, which has several similar groups, SIAN is the largest, both on Facebook and in payed memberships.

So about two years after the deletion of the group, which is used to display important messages to members, SIAN had regained about 8,000 of the lost members from the last deletion, and now it’s happening again. This time a former board member, who happened to create the group, but was later asked to resign, has blackmailed SIAN.

“In the Board of 2014, SIAN had a member named Eilert Sannes. He sat as Deputy, but after many intrigues and issues where he was in the focus and where it peaked with that he sabotaged all applications to SIAN stands around Norway, he was asked to resign from the board,” writes the Chairman of SIAN, Stig Andersen.

Now he requires NOK 8,000 ($945), about 1 kr,- for each member, to leave as admin of the Facebook group, and if he is not paid Sannes threatens to rename the group or delete it.

“If we do not do this, he will rename the group, possibly delete it. SIAN will report the blackmail to the police, and he has even signed papers where one may be financially responsible if one does not comply with the Board's requests, writes Andersen.

“Why SIAN goes out with this now, is that we have been hoping for a solution where he comes to his senses, but common sense is something that is scarce with this person. Now we have lived with threats for over a year, and the limit has now been reached,” states Andersen.

- We cannot delete him as admin, he has to do it himself, says current Deputy, Mona Solvang, and adds that creators of Facebook groups must remove themselves.

- We will not submit to blackmail, so now we have created a new group and we have to transfer members, which is quite a job, says Solvang.

SIAN has now made its old Facebook group secret, to avoid new members choosing the wrong group.

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