Pope Francis: - It's an Arab invasion of Europe

Pope Francis: - It's an Arab invasion of Europe
Pope Francis now describes the immigration to Europe as an "Arab invasion", which he both warns against and welcomes.

Born in Argentina, he warns that Europe is getting "weakened" and that it choose to "forget its own history," because of colonialism and low birth rates. Therefore, the Arab invasion could be something positive, he argues.

"We can speak today of an Arab invasion. It is a social fact," he says, as if observing that the weather is cold, writes the Vatican's own newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano.

"If Europe wants to rejuvenate, it must rediscover its cultural roots. Of all the Western countries, Europe has the stronger and deeper roots. Through colonization, these roots have even reached the new world. But if forgetting its own history, Europe weakens. It then risks becoming an empty place."

Not surprisingly, however, the pope, who has been described as the most politically correct so far, believes an Arab invasion can be a remedial and enrichment for Europe and its people. And to the EU countries that refuses to accept the migrants, he says critically:

"The confusing politics with temporary solutions. Of course, you must come to the negotiating table, but only if you are aware that you have to lose something because it will benefit all."

"The only continent that can bring some unity to the world is Europe. China has perhaps a more ancient culture, more profound. But only Europe has a vocation of universality and of service."

"How many invasions have Europe experienced in the course of its history! But it has always been able to overcome, go ahead and find itself enriched by the exchange between cultures. Which statesman will bring about such a renewal? Sometimes I wonder where you'll find a Schumann or Adenauer, these great founders of the European Union," sighs the Pope.

To the Pope: If you knew ANYTHING about European history and invasions, you would know about the siege(s) of Vienna and the following battles. The battles happened for very good reasons, as the idea of IS is very old. Just ask the Armenians.

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