Hamas parades 'Locally-Made Tank' - with some questionable issues

Hamas parades 'Locally-Made Tank' - with some questionable issues
This is such stupid propaganda from Hamas that the article actually ended up in the humor section, even though it is a serious matter.

But come on, after trying exactly the same stunt last year - to brag about the great Hamas war machine, using a fake tank - they just go ahead and use the same imaginary tank again - or perhaps they built another in the same shed, using the same quick-fix blueprint.

Having lots of masked jihadist walking very close didn't help a bit either, since Hamas recklessly lets people own cameras. So it had to happen, the bluff was exposed, again.

During a memorial service Saturday for seven Hamas militants killed when the terrorist tunnel they were in collapsed on them, Hamas rolled out what it called a “locally-produced” tank it said was fashioned out of an Israel Defense Forces’ tank captured two years ago, writes the Blaze.

However, a number of observers, both Palestinian and Israeli, noticed that there was something odd about the armored fighting machine which a Hamas spokesman warned would be used on the “path of jihad.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman Ofir Gendelman pointed out that the contraption appeared to be a mockup constructed of wood placed atop another vehicle whose wheels could be spotted poking out of the bottom.

Others suggested the gun turret was actually a sewage pipe.

Here is last year's tank out on a test run:

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And here is Saturday's version, presented by Mr. Ofir Gendelman.

Here is a video of the Hamas parade where the "tank" is presented, translated by MEMRI.

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