Susan Rice’s Answer and Reaction to Benghazi Cover-Up Will Blow You Away

Susan Rice’s Answer and Reaction to Benghazi Cover-Up Will Blow You Away
So, the terrorist attack at Benghazi and its subsequent cover-up has turned into a big joke for the Democrat party. They laugh and scoff at any demand for answers. They dismiss anyone seeking answers as playing politics. In doing so, they disrespectfully dance on the graves of those four Americans who died that night, whose cries for help were ignored by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Remember a few weeks ago when Tommy Vietor so disgustingly responded to Bret Baier’s question about the rewriting of the Benghazi talking points with “Dude, that was like two years ago.” Well, if that got your blood boiling, wait until you hear how Obama’s then Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice, who was sent out by his administration to lie repeatedly about Benghazi, responded when she was asked about Benghazi during an interview by Judy Woodruff at the “Women’s Foreign Policy Group.”

After Woodruff said, “Well, since you brought up Benghazi,” the both the audience and Rice started laughing. With a big smile on her face, Rice said, “You’re too smart for that. Come on!”

I kid you not.

Woodruff, attempting to inquire about what might be found by the Select Committee investigating the Benghazi cover-up asked,, “What more is there that the administration has said or done that we’re not aware of right now?”

Rice’s response will astound you. In an incredibly mocking, dismissive, and non-serious tone, she said, “Danged if I know.” That response brought more laughter from the audience.

Unbelievably disgusting.

Greta Van Susteren discusses this, along with a video of Rice and Vietor, with a panel during On the Record on FOX News.

WATCH Susan Rice’s callous response to questions about Benghazi.


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