''13-year-old'' escapes punishment for brutal gang rape - claimed to be 33

''13-year-old'' escapes punishment for brutal gang rape - claimed to be 33
One of the so-called unaccompanied refugee children, who with cheerful cries savagely raped a Swedish woman in Södermalm, was acquitted a few days ago by the Court of Appeal, which considered it not proven that he is over 15 years old.

The man himself stated that he was 33 years old when he was in Germany under a different alias.

The men lured the woman to a cliff in Stockholm in September, under the pretext that they would comfort her. Instead, they took turns for hours raping the woman while they laughed and hit her in the face.

Three of the men, who together with at least one other person took part in the gang rape, all Arabs from North Africa, were in November sentenced to very low penalties because they claimed to be under 18 years. They got away with between six and nine months in juvenile detention despite that a medical examination revealed that at least two of them were adult males.

On Tuesday, the Court of Appeal rejected the medical examination and completely freed one of the rapists. The reason was that the court did not consider it established that the man is over 15, as he had got rid of all identification papers.

According to prosecutor Christina Voigt, the medical examination is not enough to convict the rapists as adults.

- There is a scientific age determination which includes radiography of teeth and looking at the bones of the hands, but we do not use it anymore in Sweden. The medical examination is based on some sort of plausible assessment so it is not possible to obtain any exact age, she says.

Therefore the man goes free, despite the fact that he claimed to be 33 years old when he previously lived in Germany. When he applied for asylum in Sweden in March this year, he claimed instead that he was born in April 2000 - which would mean that he is over 15 years.

In Norway, the man used two different identities, and instead claimed to be 17 and 19 years. And according to the medical examination in Sweden, he is over 18.

His lawyer, Karl Harling, argues however, that this concerns a child.

- My client denies the charges. He says he has not done this, and that he is 13 years old and therefore not criminally responsible, he said to Expressen.

The Swedish woman cried in despair over the mild penalties when Aftonbladet interviewed her in connection with the verdicts in November.

- First, I was glad that they were all convicted. But then I was disappointed that they got such short sentences. It's sick, she said to Aftonbladet, while crying.

Now even the leftist SVT journalist Joakim Lamotte harshly criticizes the Swedish legal system.

"Where are all the feminists who otherwise use every opportunity to fight violence against women? In India, there have been demonstrations and strong protests when similar things happened, and heard worldwide. In Sweden, we shut up and look at the ground. I'm so pissed off that I'm boiling right now and all my thoughts go to the poor girl. How she will be able to get Christmas peace this year is beyond me. After having been subjected to one of the grossest abuses imaginable and then to be betrayed by society also. What message does that send when people can come here, commit terrible crimes, lie about their age to escape punishment, and continue to stay in the country? Words are not strong enough to describe the failed Swedish judiciary," writes Lamotte on Facebook.

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