Police: A dead snake was placed around the victim's neck

Police: A dead snake was placed around the victim's neck
A gay man was found murdered, bound and dressed in women's clothes in his apartment in Bergsjön, reports the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Around his neck a dead snake was found.

A 16-year-old is now charged with hate-crime murder. Simultaneously a 19-year-old is prosecuted for aiding and abetting a criminal.

According to the prosecutor, the motive for the murder was to violate the victim because of his sexual orientation.

- I am very afraid of snakes, how could I have put it there? asked the 16-year-old during the police interrogation.

The two accused are unaccompanied refugee children from Morocco in North Africa, who went to the gay man's apartment in Bergsjön in June.

The 16-year-old's blood and thus his DNA was found on the dead snake. Otherwise, the main evidence is a film from the murder scene found on the accused's mobile phone. The film was deleted but could be recreated by police technicians and shows the battered, bound and humiliated man lying on the floor in his own apartment.

The film also shows how the two teenagers put the murdered man's belongings in bags.

A young voice, which according to the prosecutor belongs to 16-year-old, is heard in the clip screaming and cursing at the victim. Among other things he mentioned the victim's sexual orientation.

- He was abused and killed just because he was gay and dressed as a woman, said prosecutor Lotta Nielsen and continued:

- Besides being a hate crime, it is a mindless assault and a brutal murder.

The dead snake was put around the dead man's neck after he had been killed, according to the prosecutor.

The prosecutor writes that 16-year-old, after the man had died, tied a shirt around his neck and wrists, wrapped a cord around his wrists and put a blanket over his head and face.

The 16-year-old denies the charges.

- I am very afraid of snakes, how can I put it there with my own hands, I am afraid of them, he said in the final hearing.

It was early in the morning of the 25th of June this year that the police were alerted about a dead person found in an apartment in Bergsjön. The deceased's clothing made so that the initial assumption was that the victim was a woman. But it proved to be a man dressed as a woman.

The victim's boyfriend and partner for years says the murder victim never had been interested in dressing in women's clothing.

- They might as well have dressed him up to mock him or something, said the boyfriend during questioning.

The two teenagers have given a lot of different versions during the investigation.

- I can not kill a fly, said the 16-year-old in one of the initial interrogations.

He later admitted that he used violence against the murdered man, and among other things hit him in the head with a bottle, but that it occurred in self-defense.

- He denies the crime, claiming self-defense, says the 16-year-old's lawyer, Charlotte Bokelund.

According to the 16-year-old's story, he allegedly met a person in a park in the center of Gothenburg, which he perceived as a woman. He (the victim) offered to help him with clothes and food. He went with the person to the apartment in Bergsjön, and then the victim took off his wig and tried to force him to have sex. During the commotion that followed, the 16-year-old claims the deceased man fell to the floor.

According to the prosecutor, it is proven that the charged 16-year-old teenager really is 16 years old.

Also the 19-year-old admits that he was in the apartment, but denies any involvement in the murder.

The two accused teenagers have been in a number of European countries before coming to Sweden, where they have lived at different institutions.

The so-called street children from Morocco and other North African countries are, according to a intelligence report from the Border Police in Stockholm, particularly criminal, writes the newspaper.

Recently a large group of criminal Moroccan street children (in Sweden called called young afraid unaccompanied refugee children) were found hiding in an abandoned house in Mölndal. It's out of control (or full kontroll, as they say in Swedish).

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