Could a military coup be brewing against Merkel?

Could a military coup be brewing against Merkel?
A letter, obtained by the German newspaper Die Welt, is circulating among German officials, where anonymous security sources warn against the consequences of the open border policy. - We import extremism and anti-Semitism. Police say they can not take responsibility for the security situation.

Most startling is a warning that the middle class is losing confidence in the rule of law and turn to "other solutions".

The warning must be interpreted as an open rebellion against Angela Merkel's policies.
- She is gambling with the country's future.

The large influx of people from other continents will lead to instability in our country, warns a top official who is familiar with security issues. - We produce through this immigration, extremists, the middle class is being radicalized, because a majority of them do not want this immigration forced upon them by the political elite, he says. His prognosis is bleak: - We are going to find that many people will turn away from the rule of law.

The letter points out that there already exists a parallel society in Germany. Such a high number of migrants will only reinforce this segregation.

It further states:

"Instead, we import Islamic extremists, Arab anti-Semitism and national and ethnic conflicts of other people, in addition to another legal and social understanding", states the letter circulating among security personnel at the highest federal level, which Welt am Sonntag has obtained.

Most alarming is the warning relating to the development among the German population.

The letter contains a clear warning: "The German security authorities are not and will not be able to fend off these imported vulnerabilities and the reactions they trigger among the German population."

A top government official who has come forward is August Hanning, the legendary leader of the intelligence services for many years. He has authored a ten-point plan. The core is that Germany must immediately regain control of its borders. This is the exact opposite policy of what Merkel wants. Merkel and Juncker wants Euro-solutions. They want more Europe, to strengthen the over-nationality. They want to solve the problems at the borders in cooperation with Turkey.

Her own security people seem to want other solutions.

And just to make it clear, military coups have happened in Europe before.

Last year it also happened in democratic Thailand.

Those with guns will always be able to take down those with pens and poor judgements, something Merkel may notice soon.

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