VIDEO: Which caliber can bust open a lock?

VIDEO: Which caliber can bust open a lock?
We've all seen it done in movies, but let's test multiple calibers to see which actually have the power to open up a padlock.

The Youtube channel Demolition Ranch, took on the task of figuring it out, and it was far more demanding than the film industry gives the impression of. It required both a lot of different weapons and a variety of calibers to figure out which ones were able break a padlock.

You'll will see that even a powerful pistol struggles to shoot open a padlock of a certain quality.

It was not until the rifles were brought out that things really took off, and even then it was difficult.

The first weapon and ammunition Demolition Ranch tries that probably can open a padlock with one shot, is a shotgun with a so-called slug, where the cartridge holds one solid lead bullet.


Of course if you watch the following video it will ruin the experience when watching Hollywood productions, where a small caliber gun shoots any padlock to pieces with a single shot, as shown by Jack Bauer, Jax Teller, and basically every cop in any given TV-series.

If you still choose to have the illusions shattered, here you go:

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