Nude man grabbed police by the balls

Nude man grabbed police by the balls
He had eaten 300-400 ''magic mushrooms'' and convinced himself that if he went to Meråker without walking on asphalt, he would rescue a dying aunt and the world at large.

Nude, drugged on magic mushrooms and hallucinations about his aunt in Meråker, a man went to attack on police. But the 41-year-old was so sweaty that the police officers could not get hold of him, the Norwegian newspaper Adressa reports.

On September 25th last year the 41-year-old man stood naked in the middle of the road in a residential area in Trondheim, Norway, while he tried to hit passing cars. A police officer happened to pass the man. He put on the emergency vehicle lighting, and shouted to the nude man that he had to go off the road.

But the 41-year-old did not follow orders. According to a recent verdict by the Trondheim District Court, he came straight towards the police officer, with completely "crazy" eyes. The officer grabbed the defendant to put him in the police car, but the naked man broke free, and ran.

Also another patrol had been assigned to locate and apprehend the nude man. Thus there were two policemen who were chasing the 41-year-old, who climbed over a fence and continued through several private gardens.

The defendant suddenly stopped and tried to hit one of the police officers - who ducked. The policeman hit back and hit hard, but the defendant just kept running.

Again the defendant turned against the policeman - which then kicked the 41-year-old in the chest so that the fell backwards. But he jumped straight up again, and then there was a scuffle. According to the verdict, the officer struggled to get hold of the defendant, because he was "slippery, sweaty and naked."

Then the 41-year-old managed to take a throat grip on the policeman. The officer defended himself, and eventually managed to lock the defendant's head, whereupon the defendant kicked, pinched and went completely wild. He got hold of the groin of the policeman and squeezed his balls as hard as he could. The policeman had to hit the nude man over the ear to get him to loosen the grip. Finally he loosened the grip of the poor policeman's nutsack, and was arrested.

According to the verdict, the naked man seemed completely insensitive to pain. When the trial was held recently, he did not turn up. However, it is apparent from the man's statements to the police that he before the episode had eaten 300-400 magic mushrooms and amphetamine.

Magic mushrooms (Psilocybe semilanceata) is a hallucinogen with an effect that may be similar to LSD. And the defendant had hallucinated that day. According to the verdict, he had convinced himself that if he went to Meråker without walking on asphalt, he would rescue a dying aunt, and the world at large.

Witnesses emphasized in court that 41-year-old, when sober, is a sympathetic and nice guy.

Trondheim District Court sentenced the accused to prison for 60 days for assaulting a police officer and for use of drugs.

And it's actually a true story, believe it or not.

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