VIDEO: Malmö in 3 minutes

VIDEO: Malmö in 3 minutes
A three minute video report from RT pretty much sums up the conditions in Sweden's third largest city Malmö, where shootings, stabbings, rapes, explosions, hand grenades, AK's, hand guns and home made bombs have become daily events, as violence spikes in Sweden.

All this while the head of the national Swedish police is planning to reduce positions, despite police in the city begging for help.

Currently Sweden has about 20,000 policemen (and women), while the armed forces (military) counts about 5,000 men (and women) in total.

Often it is said that if the police lose control, just bring in the army and everything will be okay. Are you sure?

And why has it even become a topic?

Well, it is really quite obvious: Mass immigration from the Middle East and war torn countries in Africa has caused this mess.

Sweden, a country of about 9 million, is changing, and it's changing fast. To the worse. It's in fact heading for a disaster, and the violence seen now is simply previews of a much darker future.

One does not have to be a Nostradamus to see what's coming. It's enough to read the news to see that the predictions point to mayhem, and much worse than today.

Not only a Swedish problem

Even though the mass immigration is to Sweden, it will surely affect neighboring countries, especially Norway and Denmark, and most likely Finland and Iceland too. Scandinavia has a treaty called "Nordic Convention", which enables citizens of the nordic countries to move freely within Scandinavia, and when Sweden runs out of money, which it will, all those immigrants who has received Swedish citizenship, may go to another country who has signed the treaty.

But it will also affect countries in EU, like England, France, Germany, etc. Sweden is part of EU, so any EU country without visa requirement could suddenly experience a mass immigration from Sweden, Swedes without Swedish names. And the population of Sweden is growing with 2,500 a week at the moment.

This Facebook page has its eyes on Sweden, and you might want to join it to keep updated on the serious situation.

With the words of Ingrid Carlqvist, a Swedish journalist: "We had a perfectly good country. A rich country, a nice country, and in a few years time, that country will be gone."

Here is a preview of the future. A future that will affect Europeans (wherever you live).

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