Denmark: Unemployed Muslim dentist demands job where there are no women, alcohol or pork

Denmark: Unemployed Muslim dentist demands job where there are no women, alcohol or pork
Calls the municipality racist: An unemployed Muslim dentist refuse to work with women, cleaning, pork and alcohol.

Copenhagen Municipality is appalled by racism-accusations from a male Muslim immigrant on social welfare, writes Extrabladet.

He has practiced as a dentist in a Muslim country and immigrated to Denmark, where he is currently unemployed. The authorities have not dared giving him a Danish authorization as dentist.

And he does not take just any job, even if he is suppose to.

A cleaning job is to his culture a job for people with no education, he informed the municipal job center, who tried to help him with a job.

Not only that.

He has stated that Islam forbids him to work with women, pork, non-Halal meat, liquor and cigarettes.


He could 'work with women if they are covered'.

And he agreed to 'receive education by unveiled women, but only if he was allowed not to look at them', it appears from the case from the Board of Equal Treatment, which he demanded had to deal with the matter and grant him compensation because he alleged that the municipality had exposed him to religious discrimination.

Therefore the municipal lawyers had to spend considerable resources to answer his accusations.

The municipality was racist, he claimed, because it had reduced his cash flow because he had no medical reasons to say no to work with cleaning, pork and so on.

Therefore, he was not actually available for work, the job center decided. The Board of Equal Treatment rejected that he had been discriminated.

This happened with reference to that the City of Copenhagen had not demanded that he had to work in a slaughterhouse or serve alcohol.

- He is abusing the system and draws the racism card in his efforts not to get a job. It is completely absurd and unreasonable, says Copenhagen's mayor, Anna Mee Allerslev.

She is upset that he would not work with women.

- It is a paradox that he is accusing us of discrimination, when he does not even want to work with women, she says, and says that he should consider not to seek cash if he will not live up to his obligation to take a job.

- The staff at the job center acted by the book, and I am pleased that he was sanctioned with reduced cash.

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