Swedish Politician victim of attempted murder in his own home

Swedish Politician victim of attempted murder in his own home
Johan Tireland is a politician who represent SD in Sweden, the only party who oppose the mad immigration policy in the country.

Last week he was victim of attempted murder in his own home.

From Johan Tirelands facebook page: I was just the victim of an assassination attempt in my home. I was about to get ready to join some friends. We were going to play a round at the golf course. Then the doorbell rings. I go to the door and opens it without checking the peephole, which I normally do. Today I had other things on my mind.

When I unlocked the door and pressed down the handle, suddenly a person rips open the door from the outside. He is masked with a hoodie, cap and something on the face. In his hand he holds a rusty knife. He makes a quick movement and trying to stab me in the neck. I thank my quick reflexes for my life. The knife hit my neck when the person's arm was fully extended, ie, without force.

I step back in into the apartment while asking what the hell he was doing. He follows me through the apartment and makes two more attempts with the knife. Both are close to hit. I escape only by slamming a door in his face and throwing myself backwards over the couch to reach the balcony door on the other side.

I go out (on the balcony) and turn around. Then I see the man running back through the apartment and out the door again. I sit down and get a surreal feeling in the body. First I cancel the round of golf and then I start washing dishes for a while to reduce the level of adrenaline and stress. Then I call the police and make a complaint. And now nearly 2 hours later, I write it here.

Luckily I managed to get away without any physical injuries. Besides a little pain in the heel when I backed into the couch. I will survive that. But it is probably time to move from the ground floor of the suburb. Being a part time politician here is obviously highly dangerous.

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