- The worst massacre ISIS has conducted

- The worst massacre ISIS has conducted
Human Rights Organizations now asks the world to do more to weaken IS.

4 o'clock in the night on June 25, residents in the Syrian town of Kobani were attacked by disguised ISIS-members. They attacked with automatic weapons, knives and grenades.

Somewhere between 233 and 262 civilians were killed and at least 273 wounded. Several of the dead are women and children. Nor older people were spared - a 71 year-old man is listed with the cause of death "throat cut", by the Humans Rights Watch (HRW) in a report.

The episode is by several human rights organizations called "the worst massacre ISIS has conducted."

- They shot us intentionally. We're not soldiers, we just tried to get to the hospital, said Fatima (33), who says that she and her husband (34) were going to the hospital to fetch her late father, who had died of illness the night before the attack.

- We saw two cars full of men and women in YPG uniforms. We thought they belonged to YPG (Kurdish militia) and did not think that there was anything wrong. Suddenly they pointed at us and started shooting. They killed my husband and his friend. My husband was shot in the head and there was blood all over the car.

Fatima was also hit by bullets, but survived. She was lying injured in the car while YPG forces and IS members fought around her.

- I could hear shots and explosions around me. I was trapped in the car and I was bleeding from half past five in the morning until around 12 o'clock, when the real YPG saved me.

The IS-fighters were dressed in uniforms resembling those used by Kurdish militia, YPG, who has the confidence of the people of Kobani, and who also have had control of the city recently.

Fifteen of the witnesses, including eight of the wounded, told what they experienced from the attack started until it was over around 12 o'clock. HRW also spoke with local authorities and human rights groups.

The attack started with three suicide bombs that went off inside Kobani before IS members went through the streets both in cars and on foot, and shot fleeing people. Some of those killed were also murdered in their own homes. Kobani is mainly Kurdish, and those killed were Kurds.

- When we heard the shooting, I went to the front door and saw four shaven YPG soldiers. I told my dad that there is no IS, but soon after they began to shout "Allahu Akbar" and they shot me in the leg and groin, says Hammoudi (28).

He managed to get into the house again, where he tended his wounds, and along with relatives they managed to make a hole in the wall to escape from IS.

HRW says the attack was directed against the civilian population, and requests that the incident is being investigated. YPG and military posts were not targeted in the attack by IS, which HRW believes strengthens the theory that the attack was solely directed against civilians to create fear, which is a war crime.

HRW also asks the UN live up to the commitments they undertook by resolution 2170, which includes sanctions against IS, and which also says that each member nation will do its utmost to prevent that internal support of IS, both economic or recruitment of IS-members occurs.

- The attack on civilians in Kobani is a cruel reminder that all countries should strengthen their efforts to weaken militant groups like IS, says senior scientist at HRW, Letta Taylor.

Most likely Stockholm, Sweden, didn't get that UN memo.

Note! The article picture shows real YPG militia.

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