One year of ISIS - Where are we?

One year of ISIS - Where are we?
It is now a year since ISIS took control of parts of Syria and Iraq, and declared an Islamic caliphate.

In one year we have seen atrocities we never thought possible, with the burning of human beings, rapes, beheadings, slave trade, executions and genocide of Christians and others who do not meet the requirements set by ISIS, which is a literal interpretation of the Quran and Hadiths.

They have destroyed ancient cities and historic monuments, all immortalized on film, as part of the propaganda.

While they have performed some of the worst atrocities in history, Muslims are flocking to the self-proclaimed Islamic state, and thousands of young Muslims from the West have joined the terrorist organization.

Social media is often used to enlist Muslims, both men and women, and polls conducted in both the West and in Arab countries, show a massive support for ISIS, especially among young Muslims.

While Muslims are leaving the West to fight for ISIS, the terrorist threat increases against Western countries involved in the coalition that halfhearted is bombing the terrorist group, which then ISIS sees as enemies of Islam for trying to stop the caliphate.

And the caliphate is dramatically expanding, despite the bombing.

Over the past year we have seen several terror attacks against Western targets, both in France, where employees of the magazine Charlie Hebdo were massacred, in Denmark, where an Islamist attacked a lecture, in the US, where two Islamists attacked an exhibition in Dallas, and just last week another attack in France, where an Islamist beheaded his boss and tried to blow up a factory. Also last week a tourist hotel in Tunisia was attacked and mainly English tourists were massacred while laying on sunbeds on the beach. All terrorists were supporters of ISIS.

So where are we?

Well, according to several Western leaders, Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam, although Muslims have expressed massive support for IS and the caliphate, and instead of confronting the ideology that legitimizes Jihad and violence, more Muslims are brought into the West, as refugees. This happens despite the fact that ISIS has said straight out that it is the plan - to send terrorists among the refugees. In the Mediterranean thousands of Muslim immigrants are weekly picked up from the sea, all with the goal of reaching Europe, and as images have shown, most are men in their 20s.

What about the UN?

The UN writes reports, that's about it. Lots of words, no actions - against ISIS. However, the organization is heavily involved in forcing countries in the West to accept quota refugees and asylum seekers, despite housing problems and costs in all countries, as the immigration is enormous.

The ISIS endgame

The proclaimed ISIS endgame comes from the organization itself, and it is, as also the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has declared, a world wide Islamic caliphate, by immigration and by force. This has happened in all countries that are now Islamic, all 56 of them. Europe is up, and this time there seems to be a Polish king missing to fight it off, as in Vienna in 1683.

As ISIS took the Iraqi city of Mosul, the organization seized the gold in the bank and oil refineries, and thus became the richest terrorist organization in the world. It also seized thousands of US-sponsored military vehicles and arms from the Iraqi forces. Previous to the attack and conquering of Iraq, the organization was armed by the Obama administration, in Syria, as "rebels" in an effort to overthrow Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. This is still an ongoing operation. Arming and training "rebels" - who then join ISIS, and bring their sponsored armament.

Smuggling of weapons to Europe, and inside Europe has increased dramatically, and French police last year discovered a bus full of guns and ammo, heading for London.

When ISIS conquered Northern Iraq a year ago, the organization did it with 12,000 fighters. Iraq is a country with 70 million inhabitants. It should be easy to do the math in countries with less inhabitants, and with lots of supporters of ISIS.

But surely the police and the military would put a rapid end to it?

The first thing ISIS did in Iraq, was to attack the police and the armed forces, who fled, leaving the population defenseless. It would certainly be the primary targets also in European countries, and ISIS has already posted photos in front of police stations in European cities. The armed forces in Europe has over the last decade or so become increasingly dismantled, and as an example we can use the armed forces in Sweden, where the total number of troops now counts a staggering 5,000 men and women, spread across the country. However, Sweden has a police force of about 20,000. The EU has no army, and Sweden is not a NATO member.

In 2007, the Muslim Brotherhood ran a "test drill" during the riots in Paris, documented by Walid Al-Kubaisi in the documentary "Freedom, equality and the Muslim Brotherhood", where it emerges that the MB gave the signal to the riots through the mosques. As we have seen, criticism against ISIS from Islamic leaders and imams, is deafening, which can only be interpreted as support or fear of the Islamic State. So, if it is support, and they are ordered to give the signal simultaneously across Europe, where should NATO-forces be deployed if/when the signal sounds? Everywhere is not a option, and even if, it would mean fierce fighting in our streets. Civil war. The terror we see now - simply previews.

What should we do?

Battling ISIS and its supporters is hard, as it's not a regular uniformed army. It is militia, often undercover, as seen in Tunisia recently. Dressed as a beach goer, armed with a Kalashnikov. And of course, bombing them one by one as is being done in Syria and Iraq at the moment, will take forever. There is only one solution: Boots on the ground, licensed to kill, but that doesn't seem to be on the agenda. Kill the head and the body will die too, but since very little is done about it, and the West has left the task of fighting ISIS on the ground to the Kurdish people, IS will continue to grow in strength and support, both abroad and domestic.

If you think this is far-fetched and you feel safe and protected, so did the people of Mosul just over a year ago, and so did English tourists in Tunisia a week ago.

Food for thoughts as the world sits idle and watch the Islamic State expand, gaining support among young Muslims, and mass-importing future problems.

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