Indictment: Father raped and abused daughters for years

Indictment: Father raped and abused daughters for years
A grotesque and severe indictment of violence from a Muslim man is now being rolled out in Norway.

Over several years, the father was raping two of his daughters. Meanwhile, both the wife and two other minor siblings have been exposed to extreme violence for years.

In the indictment against the father in his 40s, which Drammen Tidende has had access to, it emerges that he repeatedly has raped his two oldest daughters. Although the girls according to the indictment have tried to resist and tried to avoid the abuse, the father has pinned the girls down, beaten them and taken stranglehold on them. He has also kept a sword and knives beside the bed to threaten them with.

From 2009 to 2014 he had various forms of sex with his two daughters, and according to the indictment both girls were under 14 years old when the alleged abuse began.

Already from the oldest daughter was eight years old, she was also exposed to extreme violence, according to the indictment.

Among other things he held the girl upside down by her feet and knocked her head on the floor.

He also beat her on her back and hands with a wooden stick. When the girl was 17 years old, the girl's piercing was ripped out and he forcibly cut off her hair.

At a later date, the father dragged the girl out of the car, took a stranglehold around her neck and lifted her up so that she lost consciousness. A few months later, he struck her in the head and body with the fists so that her eardrum burst, and she got bruises on her body and pain in a leg.

He also threatened to kill her and stab her with a knife, and he threatened to forcibly send her to his home country to be married off. Prosecutors believe he also has controlled the girl's Facebook account and her phone. Several times she was not allowed to go shopping alone or visiting friends.

The second oldest daughter has also been subjected to very serious incidents of violence from her father since she was four years old.

The indictment describes how the father repeatedly beat her with both a flat hand and with his fists over a period of 13 years.

The indictment also describes how he on several occasions struck her in the head with a baseball bat.

On one occasion he even held a sword against her breast and said that he "was going to take out her heart and stab her as many times as possible." Several times he threatened to kill her and also that he would force her to be married off in his homeland.

Nor the two smaller sisters have escaped their father's violence.

According to the indictment the second youngest sister was subjected to punches and kicks since she was four years old.

Also the youngest daughter has been beaten since she was born.

According to the indictment, the mother didn't escaped the man's wrath either. From 2001 to 2014 she had to undergo a violent nightmare.

In May 2002 the man punched and kicked his wife repeatedly in the stomach so that she miscarried.

Later she has been beaten with a doll carriage in both her head and her body, and the husband another time beat her with the leg of a chair.

As with his oldest daughter he has checked her cell phone and with whom she had contact with.

In the indictment it states that "the abuse is especially serious as it has lasted for a long time and is committed against a defenseless person."

The violence was discovered in 2014, and the man has been in custody since he was arrested last fall.

- This is a comprehensive case, both in terms of violence, time frame and the number of offended. So this is a case that is rough for many reasons, says General Attorney Kirsti Elisabeth Guttormsen.

- I have no comments on the indictment at this time, says the man's defense lawyer Ksenija Nilsen to Drammen Tidende.

The trial begins in the district court on June 18. Six days are set off for the proceedings.

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