Male rage - against female players in the new ''FIFA 16''

Male rage - against female players in the new ''FIFA 16''
Recently Electronic Arts announced that "FIFA 16" will introduce female footballers. In no time YouTube, Twitter and gaming forums were overflowed with misogynist comments.

They all follow a clear pattern. Either they shoot down women's abilities as footballers - compared to the "real football" as the men stand for - or threatens EA that they will no longer buy "Fifa". Sexist jokes that women belong in the kitchen, not on the football field, are also common.

More than 30 million women play football and according to the soccer organization FIFA, it is considered the largest sport for women in the world. But to prepare a place for them in the world's biggest football game seems to make many men infuriated.

EA boss Peter Moore has now posted his disappointment about the shit storm, on Twitter.

- It is so sad to see this misogynist hatred that followed the announcement of "FIFA 16" and the inclusion of women in the game. We are better than this, writes Moore.

In an interview with VentureBeat, "Fifa" producer Nick Channon, makes it clear that women's participation in the popular game brought some positive side effects to the male football players' character models too.

- We have worked hard on the new body types to ensure that we have a female body type that looks authentic and realistic. We have been forced to alter our technology a lot, says Channon.

- It has also contributed to the men's game. We now have long, thin body types and large broader ones, something we never had before. We have also added hair simulations, which makes the players' hair to move.

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