Fear of chaos in Sweden has reached the politically correct

Fear of chaos in Sweden has reached the politically correct
Immigration to Sweden is out of control.

In the first three months of 2015, 17,000 asylum seekers came to Sweden. It is three times as many as to the three other Nordic countries combined. The figures come from the economist Gunnar Sandelin's blog (picture below).

The immigration is very expensive to the Swedish society.

The money to pay for the huge immigration is taken from welfare.

Well, part of the money is taken from the development assistance to other countries, which Sweden usually boast of, and now 22 percent of the money goes to pay the cost of asylum seekers.

But particularly hard hit is the Swedes' welfare.

The majority of the 17,000 asylum seeker will be granted residence permit and must have housing, often for a large family. They go ahead of the Swedes in the housing queue, which has long had difficulty getting a place to live. Mass immigration has for several years been tremendous, and everyone must have a home.

Frail elderly people are getting less help. The weakest group has previously survived an average of seven months when they came to nursing homes. Now that time is down to less than a month.

The pension has also been cut.

Schools can not afford temporary teachers, and support for children with special needs are being cut. This is how it is in Gothenburg which has a very high proportion of immigrants.

Click to see original Image in a new windowThe money that before went to welfare, are now being used to support the many immigrants, who are without jobs. Spending on social assistance and other social services for immigrants is now so great that it has to be taken from elsewhere, writes the Social Democrat Johan Westerholm on his blog.

On top of the economic problems comes a huge crime rate. There have now been two dramatic shootings on the streets of Gothenburg. And the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten has just written a long article about the levels of organized crime in Södertälje, a suburb to Stockholm, where mostly immigrants live.

The radicalization of the Muslim communities in Gothenburg and other cities is also going strongly.

The population is now really starting to speak out against this development. A new poll by the Swedish Institute SIFO gives the immigration critical party Sweden Democrats, an increase of 2.2 percent. The progress was made in just a month.

This development is so dramatic that there is about to happen a landmark change in the attitude of the other political parties and the opinion of the political correct.

Sweden Democrats for years been grossly persecuted, harassed or tried hushed up by the other parties, the media and the 'elite', but it is about to change. The reality is frightening. And it's hard to ignore the change in public attitudes.

The politically correct newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet, has just published a statement by Li Bennich-Björkman from political science, who calls the Sweden Democrats for an "acceptable alternative".

Right into the government's own ranks and in the Social Democratic Party, there is now concern and open criticism.

Minister for International Development Cooperation, Isabella Lövin, from the Green Party, says the high cost of asylum seekers can not continue.

The Social Democrat Johan Westerholm refers to her on her blog, ledersiderne.se.

"Immigration is not economically profitable for society," he writes. The society is being drained of money for welfare because of the great immigration.

"Sweden Democrats rush forward because change is now discernible far into the big cities and their suburbs," he writes. (Implied: Where the 'elite' lives)

He believes that there is only one solution. Sweden must set up refugee camps where refugees can live, work and be responsibility to solve practical tasks.

If we do not establish refugee camps, then the whole area collapses, he says.

The population's criticism of immigration is growing at express speed, because the problems now actually get the Swedish society to crumble. Fear also grasps the Swedish 'elite'.

Mainstream media now writes and says things that were unthinkable only a few months ago, in more or less open attempts to slow the progression.

The question is; is it too late? Did reality finally hit the political correct at a too late stage? It will be interesting to see what happens in Sweden over the next few years, and the newborn (yet expected) panic of the political correct in Sweden, should serve as a heads up for the political correct in other countries.

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