5 strange things that really intelligent people do

5 strange things that really intelligent people do
Are you a horny night owl who lives a little unhealthy? Then you're probably smart.

1. Intelligent people are night owls.

According to research, there is no greater point in being awake at night. It's pretty stupid in terms of evolution, as it in the past was very good with a daily rhythm where you sleep at night and is awake during the day.

Therefore, researchers believe that people who are awake at night actually are more developed and ahead of others in development, according to Psychology Today. So, if you like to stay up late, it may be a sign that you are really smart!

2. Talking to yourself.

Talking to yourself is a sign of madness, some says. But the fact is that it is just the opposite. Talking to yourself in a calm and collected tone is partly a sign that you are really smart, and it's also a good way to become smarter, according to research.

3. Greater sex drive

Yep, intelligent people are more horny than others. According to British research, no one is putting more money into sex toys than people with higher education. This applies also at several of the world's great universities. It also turns out that the finer the education you have, the more sex you have, according to The Telegraph. So, if you're really horny all the time it may be a sign that you are really smart.

4. Thinking about thinking

Thinking about thinking, called metakongnitivity, is often associated with intelligence according to researchers. It is simply to be aware that one thinks and how one's thoughts influence one. Smart huh?

5. Do not take care of themselves

It may not always be good to be smart. Research has shown that intelligent people are often poor at taking care of themselves. For example, it is common for intelligent people to eat unhealthy, drinking a little too much alcohol and at worst using drugs. Intelligent people are often more nervous than others, which can easily lead to too much coffee and cigarettes.

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