Danish football is changing...

Danish football is changing...
- They played with belts and military pants, the referee was threatened from the first minute and dared nothing, two were beaten up and they threatened us with death if we reported the matter, says opponents in the 'extreme' match against Denmark's most notorious football team.

- They threatened to put us in coffins!

Denmark's most notorious football team, a team of Muslim immigrants, has repeatedly spread terror and horror among referees, opponents and spectators. Here is a report from one of the involved opponents in the final match this season between Forward Amager, from Copenhagen, and the innocent guests from Østerbro IF:

- Several had belts, several played in military pants, and the atmosphere was hostile from the start. After a while it was outright hateful and they celebrated the equalizer to 2-2 by hitting one of my teammates hard with a fist in the stomach because he shouted 'offside'.

- Then he was beaten twice in the head, so it began to bleed. We decided to pull the plug and go off the pitch. Then there were two minutes left of the game, says the former Østerbro IF player.

'Former' because he and the 17 other players in the squad subsequently and involuntarily have left the club and wants to play football elsewhere. Reason?

- There were several reasons, but one of them was that the Forward-players threatened to visit us at home and pursue us into hell if we reported the matter, says the player, who has seriously chosen to remain anonymous.

Østerbro IF reported the matter anyway. and was awarded a 0-3 victory, but that is all. No further consequences.

- Forward Amager won the series and moved up a division anyway. It's pretty incredible, and we now hope that in light of this case, the problem is taken seriously. Therefore, we have turned to Ekstra Bladet, says the 'secret footballer'.

- It is division 4! And the last match of the season, which the Forward Amager team has gone unbeaten through. The final match was therefore totally meaningless and only served as a vorspiel to the subsequent promotion party for the team - and its 25-30 cheering hangarounds.

What went wrong is in short: Østerbro IF took the lead. It was more than the impetuous temperament of the home team players could withstand.

- The referee was scared witless. He was threatened from the first minute and chose deliberately to overlook an obvious red card to them, when one of our players was "slaughtered" from behind as he was running, and the ref was later threatened to give a penalty to Forward Amager. He saw nothing, heard nothing - but he was probably just trying to survive, says the eyewitness.

It started 'innocent' as the players of Østerbro was just verbally abused by both opponents and their fans.

- One of them called my mother a whore, while he was standing right next to the ref. I asked him: - Do you hear what he says? He obviously did not ... Then I was threatened with that they would cut my eyes out, and eventually I was told that if I did not let myself be substituted now, I would go home in a trunk, tells Ekstra Bladet's source.

It was like this the whole match through.

Forward Amager team photo:
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- Since they had long used their three substitutions, they began to switch with spectators, without the referee responded. They did not even have numbers on their backs. It was quite obvious, says the former Østerbro player.

The referee subsequently did not dare either to report or make a declaration on the Østerbro's report, and therefore Forward Amager first won the match but it was later overturned.

- But it is also the only thing that has happened, and we had given up all hope of justice until it happened. It should have been avoided! Now they are responsible to take action so that other referees and players do not have to be exposed to the same as us, says the player.

- I have never tried anything like it. We are just a normal team of people in their twenties, people in jobs, students, bachelors and fathers who like to play football - for fun. I mean ... It is division 4 for God sake!

- But two were beaten up, so that they bled. The referee was scared out of his wits - and an entire team of 18 players were forced to flee, with threats that can not be mistaken.

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