Large Swedish asylum center where the majority are hardcore ISIS-supporters

Large Swedish asylum center where the majority are hardcore ISIS-supporters
''Their goal is to establish a caliphate in Sweden where only Sharia law will apply''.

On Thursday Merit Wager published a testimony from one of her regular contacts, which was sensational even by her standards. It turns out that the majority of the 500 people who are in a Swedish asylum center, are hardcore IS-supporters.

It came as an alarming email from someone who I have been corresponding with for years, and I know which asylum center it is, but choose not to print it. People who read this must evaluate it themselves, I can not do more than pass on the information, Wager writes.

"One day I got to hear about how violent it is in the new asylum center X in Y. An Arabic speaking Iraqi has been commissioned by the Swedish Migration Board as an interpreter for the more than 500 asylum seekers who have been placed there. He told me that most of them say they come from Syria and that a majority of them are supporters of IS.

When they realized that the Iraqi was an "apostate" to the "true faith" he was exposed to death threats and even his family. They even found out where he lived and where his children went to school and vowed to kill his entire family as they kill all the infidels. The man reported it to the police who deported some of those who threatened him, they said, but I'm not sure if that's true - the police apparently expelled them from the country. Or they were moved to another asylum center.

But at the center still a majority are IS supporters. So the threats against him and his family (and us all) persists so he had to quit as an interpreter and to be a link between the applicants and the Swedish society.

The man says it's completely crazy that Sweden do not control who they let in - and who can not agree with him? He says that there is a mixture of different religious persuasions who absolutely can not get along; they could not do it at home either, so why would they be able to do it here?

Police has been called out to the center a number of times to try to restore order.

According to the Iraqi man, a majority of the IS-supporters have announced that their goal is to establish a caliphate in Sweden where only Sharia law will apply. It is thus that we have to wait for. The man is terrified of what might happen to him and his family."

As we have reported earlier, the Swedish police has warned that ISIS is ready to attack Sweden, and while we wait for it to happen, Sweden continues to let in more ISIS fighters. It will not end well.

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