1-2-3, you are out

1-2-3, you are out
Within three days after a foreigner has been arrested for a crime, he may have gotten his sentence and put on a plane out of Norway, VG reports.

Today Minister of justice and readiness, Anders Anundsen (FRP) sends a proposal for hearing; that already from next year a fast court trial system is introduced.

In practice this means that people, including Norwegian citizens, who are arrested on day one, followed by immediate investigation, are sentenced on day three.

The system will cover the simple cases, no cases of rape, murder cases and serious drug offenses that requires considerably longer investigation.

The proposal originated from Magistrate Geir Engebretsen in Oslo, and has already received wide support from both the Court Administration and the Bar Association, all supporters of the "three-days court" in certain cases.

- We have been working with this for some time but it was not as easy as we originally thought it would be to make this. But now we send out the proposal, with a deadline of six months to reply, says Anundsen.

- Which cases can be closed within three days?

- Simple cases, such as if the person is caught red-handed or confesses, and that the investigation and the parties' preparations for trial may be feasible within this time.

- Do you see any judicial qualms about introducing this quick court?

- We are aiming for a broad and thorough hearing. Although the proceedings will occur faster than today, any adjudication and expulsion should be a result of a good process and obviously not at the expense of basic fundamental rights of the individual, says Anundsen.

- When can the "three-day court" become a reality?

- With necessary resources, Oslo District Court can embark on the task on short notice. How extensive resources are needed will depend on if the system will be operational also during the weekends. Oslo District Court presupposes that one would not suggest that such cases should be processed on Sundays. It would then have major resource implications, says Magistrate, Geir Engebretsen.


Even though Norway seems to be on the right track and deports criminal foreigners like never before, the country is of course neighboring country of Sweden, where the immigration policies have no limits to stupidity, and there are no less than 80 drivable border crossings to Norway, which all are unmanned by customs.

- We have plenty of challenges. There are over 80 unmanned border crossings along the highway, says union leader in Norwegian Customs Union Fredrik Støtvig, to NRK.

By sea it is only a short trip from Sweden to Norway, where the risk of getting caught is as minimal as it gets.

- Along the coast we have three boats, but the boats are often docked. They are primarily out when something happens. We have a close cooperation with the Coast Guard says Støtvig.

People without either a car or a boat can just pack a bag and walk, as there are miles of forest and no fences on the border.

So, while Sweden imports, Norway deports, but as soon as Sweden collapses, and you really don't have to use a crystal ball to realize that, Norway will be invaded from Sweden, by both Swedes, "Swedes" and illegal immigrants/criminals.

Unless they decides to go to your town within the EU.

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