About us

Speisa.com is a site about the weird world we live in, and the posts are not satire, as lots of real, really strange stuff are happening in this strange world. Some news are funny, some are sad, and some are plain horrific. We give you the mix. Thank you for visiting!

What our readers say:

I love this site. It has news that mainstream media does not show. Some people think this site is satire, but the articles are 100% true and verified. The writers/editors have a great sense of humor that makes you enjoy reading the news. Thank you Speisa!
- Reneé Ucciferri, Monroe, North Carolina, USA

I started reading Speisa about 2 months ago. I cannot quit reading the articles. They post several stories a day. They are by far the best place to turn for news!
- Richard Younge, Maryland, USA

Speisa is entertaining and fun. I share their articles all the time!
- Cheryl Browne, Texas, USA

I've learned so much from Speisa. Reading their articles on things that are going on in the world. I don't see this information on BBC.
- John Macintosh, London, England

This news outlet has become my favorite. I still watch my local news to keep up with what's going on in my town, but I stay logged on to the site all day!
- Michelle Greenwood, New Jersey, USA

My favorite page on Facebook is Speisa!! It's funny, but tells what's going on. I love the sarcasm used in a lot of their stories.
- Jeanette Lowery, North Dakota, USA